Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Happening!

It's happening! Just got a call from the social worker at Sanders (Kaitlyn's school) that she will be starting full time at Western Hills Middle School on Wednesday, Nov. 20th!

Kaitlyn will go to school at Sanders Academy on Monday and Tuesday. This will give her those two days to say her goodbyes to her classmates and teachers, and to mentally prepare herself for Wednesday.

On Wednesday Kaitlyn will walk the halls of Western Hills as a member of the student body, not just a visitor. By starting on Wednesday, she'll have a more gradual transition. A three day week followed by a weekend, and then another three day week, as that second week is shared with Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving she will begin her 5 day weeks like everyone else.

It has been a long hard journey, but now our girl is "coming home"! I pray that Kaitlyn will grace the hallways and classrooms of Western Hills with a sense of entitlement, because she has worked damn hard to get there.

Kaitlyn, we love you to the stars and back and I hope that you are as proud of yourself as we are.

Little by little, step by step, making my way every day.

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